Private Investigations

Contrary to popular belief and despite what people read about and see on TV and in movies, private investigators (PIs), many of whom are former police officers, or military are not the flamboyant, swashbuckling heroes portrayed by Tom Selleck and others. Rather, they are for the most part highly motivated, trained, and experienced professionals who provide a needed service to their communities. This includes an active concern for the confidentiality and privacy of their client, much the same as the attorney/client privilege. Most states require licensing and some also require rigid testing of PI wannabes before granting licenses. PIs are, in addition, insured and sometimes bonded, depending on the requirements of the state in which they do business.

PIs perform a vital function in our society today, acting as a link between citizens and law enforcement and doing those investigations police departments have neither the time nor the resources to do. They also are the right hand of attorneys, helping the client when necessary to prove your case in the best possible way.

Our Investigative Services Include but are not limited to:
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