Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Investigations

Unfortunately in today's world the divorce rate is so high; ultimately, many marriages end up in divorce leaving a bigger problem, child custody. The courts generally attempt to place the child in the care of one parent and award visitation rights to the other parent. The parent who is awarded Primary Custody generally is the parent who decides on the school and the doctor that the child will go to; also, the child generally spends most of the time with the Primary Custodian.

In some cases the court appointed Primary Custodian may not be the best choice for the child. There are many factors and reasons why one parent may not be suitable for Primary Custody and in some cases not be suitable for visitation at all. In certain cases one parent may engage in inappropriate or illegal activities and or behaviors that would not be suitable for being a Primary Custodian of the child. Your ex-spouse might start dating an individual who has a criminal record, including a sexual assault conviction or a conviction for Driving While Intoxicated. Your ex-spouse might make it a habit of dropping the child off at a babysitter so he/she can go out. Even worse, your ex-spouse may be abusing the child. In the United States it is your duty to prove your case and the more evidence that you have, the more successful you will likely be.

We specialize in Child Custody cases. In those cases where we find your suspicions to be accurate we will help you build a case that will assist you in showing the courts why you deserve Primary Custody. Unlike a Cheating Spouse Investigation, these cases can take much longer to establish. In a Cheating Spouse Investigation you can terminate the investigation once you document the infidelity. However, with Child Custody cases you must show "patterns" and it does take time. The courts generally are not interested in an "isolated incident" of your ex-spouse engaging in activities or behaviors that are inappropriate. We need to build a case that is compelling and convincing because you will likely only get "one-shot" at proving your case and if you are unsuccessful in doing so, your ex-spouse will know that you had previously hired an investigator thus making future attempts of video-surveillance more difficult.

Malan Investigations will initiate surveillance of your ex-spouse in an effort to document his/her activities and behaviors. Our investigators will show the lifestyle that he/she is living. Whether he/she is engaging in alcohol/drug abuse, or other detrimental behavior we will attempt to document it. We have great success in assisting our clients ensure that the child is in the best of care. For your child's sake, call us today.

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