Auto Accident Investigations

Auto Accident Investigations

We specialize in locating the “other driver”. Many times a case comes about months or even year after the accident has occurred. That is when a good investigator is needed to locate the other parties involved as well as all possible witnesses to the accident.

We are highly trained in the art of interviewing possible witnesses. Each possible witness needs to be questioned in an attempt to get their point of view of “their piece of the pie”. It is only then that the entire “pie” or picture be put together to determine what really occurred.

If you are going to find out the truth then you need to make a commitment of "doing it right" the first time. This is not the time to "cut corners" because you will not get a second chance. The most important decision you will make is choosing the investigative agency that will handle your case. Choosing the wrong agency will result in a disastrous outcome.

Whether you're a law firm or private individual wanting to uncover the true facts of an accident a Private Investigator can help you.

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